Though a consensus among NASCAR drivers favours disclosure of substances that produce positive drug tests and subsequent suspensions, Dale Earnhardt Jr. differs from the majority of competitors who have expressed opinions on the subject.

It is NASCAR's policy not to identify specific substances after a failed drug test.

"The truth will be known by the people who need to know it," Earnhardt said, referencing the recent suspension of driver Jeremy Mayfield. "We don't need to know it. It's none of our business. That's the problem with everybody is they've got to know everything.

"Everybody wants to know what the hell Jeremy did. That's his business and NASCAR's business, and they'll handle it. Don't take drugs. It's stupid to do anyways. Regardless if you drive racecars or not, it's a dumb idea. Don't be ignorant."

NASCAR doesn't publish a finite list of banned substances, taking the position that any drug has the potential to be abused. The absence of a list is fine with Earnhardt.

"Just don't take drugs," he said. "Don't do anything stupid, and you won't get caught. That's ridiculous. I just think that nobody deserves anything, no lists, nothing. Don't do drugs, don't do stupid stuff. The policy is a rule and don't violate it, and that's that."

by Reid Spencer/Sporting News