During his 22-years in the MotoGP paddock, Livio Suppo worked with many special riders.

But he insists that newly crowned four-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez is the most remarkable (or perhaps 're-marc-able').

Suppo oversaw Casey Stoner's historic title success for Ducati before celebrating another world championship with the Australian at Honda. When Stoner retired, Marquez stepped in and won four titles in five years.

Upon announcing the surprise news that he would leave his position as Repsol Honda Team Principal and seek a quieter life away from the paddock, the Italian was asked to compare Stoner and Marquez.

"I have no doubt which one to chose, of course it's Marc. And not because he is now working for HRC, but because Marc is really special," Suppo replied. "I mean, Casey's talent was huge. Marc's talent is probably very similar. But to work with Marc is really a pleasure.

"When I told him my decision [to leave], I told him about when we signed our very first contract together. It was Emilio [Alzamora], Nakamoto-san, myself and of course Marc.

"Marc was super young and still had to do one more year in Moto2 (pictured).

"I said to him, 'You are a very nice guy now, but you will come to MotoGP, get a lot of money, a lot of girls, become very famous and you will probably change. I would really like you to remain the same'.

"I already told him last year and I told him again today; he never changed. And he's so special for this.

"Because I think sometimes we don’t realise what these guys really have. They are so famous! And to remain like Marc has remained is very, very difficult. I really appreciate even more for this, than for what he is able to do on the bike."

Marquez, 24, can regularly be seen (and heard, given the raucous laughter) eating with his entire team of mechanics. In the case of Sunday night at Brno, a few hours after winning the race, he was the one fetching chairs for them in the paddock cafe.

When the mechanics work late due to bike damage it is said Marquez waits with them in the garage, while at the end of the Valencia test he was seen helping wash and carry equipment into the truck.

HRC is yet to announce Suppo's replacement.


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