Defending Superbike winner Peter Hickman, third fastest on Monday, ups the pace to head Tuesday's Qualifying 2 at the 2023 Isle of Man TT.

The FHO Racing BMW star broke the timing beam with an average speed of 132.079mph, on the first of his two laps, fending off the challenge of Dean Harrison (DAO Racing Kawasaki) by just 0.819s.

Hickman, who became the first person to officially clock 200mph through the Sulby Speed Trap on Monday, reached 199.726mph this evening.

Tuesday's Supersport and Supertwin Qualifying 2 sessions were cancelled 'due to oil on the road from Barregarrow to Kirk Michael Approach'.

Monday's Qualifying 1 saw 21-time TT winner Michael Dunlop complete a clean sweep of the Superbike (Hawk Racing Honda, 131.782mph), Superstock (MD Racing Honda, 130.426mph), Supersport (MD Racing Yamaha, 127.019mph) and Supertwin (MD Racing Paton, 122.907mph) classes.

Dunlop was third in Tuesday's Superbike session but continued to reign in Superstock, setting a time slightly faster than he managed in Superbike this evening.

Qualifying 3 takes place on Wednesday evening...

2023 Isle of Man TT - SUPERBIKE Qualifying 2 Results (Tuesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Peter Hickman132.079mph17:08.386 
2Dean Harrison131.974mph17:09.205+ 0.819s
3Michael Dunlop131.141mph17:15.744+ 7.358s
4Conor Cummins130.924mph17:17.457+ 9.071s
5Davey Todd129.92mph17:25.475+ 17.089s
6Jamie Coward129.06mph17:32.440+ 24.054s
7James Hillier128.189mph17:39.592+ 31.206s
8David Johnson127.095mph17:48.714+ 40.328s
9John McGuinness126.881mph17:50.517+ 42.131s
10Phillip Crowe126.183mph17:56.433+ 48.047s
11Michael Rutter126.181mph17:56.451+ 48.065s
12Dominic Herbertson124.366mph18:12.164+ 63.778s
13Rob Hodson124.359mph18:12.222+ 63.836s
14Julian Trummer124.247mph18:13.211+ 64.825s
15Brian McCormack124.003mph18:15.362+ 66.976s
16Paul Jordan123.859mph18:16.630+ 68.244s
17Stephen Smith123.679mph18:18.231+ 69.845s
18James Hind123.019mph18:24.117+ 75.731s
19Michael Evans122.492mph18:28.871+ 80.485s
20Samuel West122.474mph18:29.035+ 80.649s
21Stefano Bonetti122.04mph18:32.983+ 84.597s
22Craig Neve121.871mph18:34.525+ 86.139s
23Mark Parrett121.184mph18:40.840+ 92.454s
24Mark Goodings121.097mph18:41.648+ 93.262s
25Mike Browne120.771mph18:44.676+ 96.290s
26Rhys Hardisty120.219mph18:49.838+ 101.452s
27Jonathan Perry119.863mph18:53.192+ 104.806s
28Raul Torras Martinez119.369mph18:57.887+ 109.501s
29Amalric Blanc119.289mph18:58.647+ 110.261s
30Dave Hewson118.792mph19:03.406+ 115.020s
31David Datzer118.58mph19:05.458+ 117.072s
32Forest Dunn118.562mph19:05.625+ 117.239s
33Richard Wilson118.475mph19:06.474+ 118.088s
34James Chawke118.447mph19:06.743+ 118.357s
35Michael Russell118.204mph19:09.094+ 120.708s
36Allann Venter117.843mph19:12.620+ 124.234s
37Baz Furber117.67mph19:14.317+ 125.931s
38Chris Sarbora117.105mph19:19.882+ 131.496s
39Timothee Monot117.011mph19:20.814+ 132.428s
40Anthony Redmond116.981mph19:21.108+ 132.722s
41Xavier Denis116.641mph19:24.493+ 136.107s
42Rennie Scaysbrook115.886mph19:32.087+ 143.701s
43Erno Kostamo114.976mph19:41.359+ 152.973s
44Paul Potchy Williams114.713mph19:44.071+ 155.685s
45Matthieu Lagrive113.613mph19:55.532+ 167.146s
46Matt Stevenson---
47Shaun Anderson---


2023 Isle of Man TT - Superstock Qualifying 2 Results (Tuesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Michael Dunlop131.843mph17:10.224 
2Joshua Brookes126.282mph17:55.593+ 45.369s
3Shaun Anderson125.841mph17:59.362+ 49.138s
4Mike Browne125.745mph18:00.190+ 49.966s
5Brian McCormack120.778mph18:44.606+ 94.382s
6David Datzer120.093mph18:51.027+ 100.803s
7Craig Neve119.841mph18:53.403+ 103.179s
8John McGuinness118.588mph19:05.376+ 115.152s
9Dean Harrison---
10James Hillier---
11Michael Rutter---
12Phillip Crowe----
13David Johnson---
14Davey Todd---


  • Outright (Superbike) TT lap record: Peter Hickman (BMW), 16m 42.778s, 135.452mph/217.989km/h (2018).
  • Superstock TT lap record: Peter Hickman (BMW), 16m 50.601s, 134.403mph/216.301km/h (2018).
  • Supersport TT lap record: Michael Dunlop (Yamaha), 17m 29.070s, 129.475mph/208.370km/h (2022)
  • Supertwin TT lap record: Michael Dunlop (Paton), 18m 26.543s, 122.750mph/197.547km/h (2018)