2024 Isle of Man TT Qualifying 1: Results

Results from the opening day of Qualifying from 2024 the Isle of Man TT Races

Michael Dunlop (IOMTT Press)
Michael Dunlop (IOMTT Press)

The opening day of Qualifying for the 2024 Isle of Man TT Races is in the books and the names you would expect at the top of the times are right there. Michael Dunlop set the fastest lap overall on day one in the Superbike class, as he aims to become the most successful rider in TT History, moving past his uncle Joey in terms of wins.

Delays due to bad weather seen the opening untimed sessions moved back five hours before getting underway, but the first Qualifying sessions delivered plenty of talking points.


Davey Todd was fastest on his Powertoolmate Ducati, carrying over his strong form on the machine that took victory at the North West 200 earlier in the month. James Hillier followed him in second place onboard his 600cc Kawasaki.

Davey Todd (IOMTT Press)
Davey Todd (IOMTT Press)

Lap record holder and Supersport king Michael Dunlop has made the switch to Triumph machinery for 2024, moving away from his 130 mph record breaking R6 Yamaha. But he was still on the pace in third place, five seconds off Todd’s best time.

2024 Isle of Man TT - Supersport Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)

PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Davey Todd125.60118:01.425Ducati
2James Hillier125.48318:02.439Kawasaki
3Michael Dunlop125.04818:06.208Triumph
4James Hind124.48818:11.092Suzuki
5Dean Harrison123.9818:15.561Honda
6Jamie Coward123.83318:16.868Triumph
7Peter Hickman123.78318:17.305Triumph
8Josh Brookes123.24318:22.115Yamaha
9Conor Cummins123.10418:23.357Honda
10Mike Browne122.84318:25.699Yamaha
11Dom Herbertson122.42218:29.506Yamaha
12Paul Jordan121.76618:35.484Honda
13Rob Hodson121.55418:37.431Yamaha
14Michael Evans121.33818:39.420Triumph
15Shaun Anderson120.85818:43.860Suzuki
16Joe Yeardsley120.77618:44.626Yamaha
17Craig Neve120.63418:45.947Triumph
18Joey Thompson119.19518:59.548Yamaha
19Ian Hutchinson118.90719:02.306Honda
20Stefano Bonetti118.21619:08.981Yamaha


Peter Hickman showed once again why his Yamaha R7 might be the machine to beat around the TT this year, after topping the lightweight session by twenty seconds from Davey Todd onboard his Kawasaki.

The top two only completed one lap on their respective Supertwins, but Michael Dunlop’s Paton suffered an issue in the untimed session in the afternoon. So he wasn’t able to get a lap under his belt in the evening session.

2024 Isle of Man TT - Supertwin Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)

PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Peter Hickman118.01119:10.981Yamaha
2Davey Todd116.06319:30.296Kawasaki
3Baz Furber114.95819:41.542Yamaha
4Mike Browne114.9119:42.037Aprilia
5Stefano Bonetti114.37219:47.600Paton
6Joe Yeardsley114.3419:47.928Paton
7Michal Dokoupil113.63919:55.259Aprilia
8Chris Moore113.12320:00.709Kawasaki
9Jonathan Goetschy112.86920:03.410Aprilia
10David Datzer112.08720:11.813Paton
11Marc Colvin111.69720:16.035Kawasaki
12Martin Morris111.63220:16.742Aprilia
13Francesco Curinga111.41420:19.133Paton
14Michael Russell110.26920:31.790Aprilia
15Brian McCormack110.13520:33.288Aprilia
16Tom Weeden109.94220:35.454Aprilia
17Allann Venter109.77120:37.375Kawasaki
18Pete Murray109.68220:38.379Kawasaki
19Kevin Barsby108.95620:46.634Kawasaki
20Wayne Bourgeais107.77121:00.343Aprilia


Continuing with Hawk Racing in 2024, Michael Dunlop set the fastest lap overall on Day one. Putting a lap together just shy of the 130 mph mark, 129.590 mph - onboard his Honda Fireblade.

Davey Todd looked comfortable in second place, less than a tenth slower than Dunlop’s best time. Peter Hickman was in third place for FHO Racing & John McGuinness finished in fourth place for Honda Racing UK.

2024 Isle of Man TT - Superbike Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)

PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Michael Dunlop129.5917:28.139Honda
2Davey Todd129.57517:28.253BMW
3Peter Hickman128.72117:35.214BMW
4John McGuinness127.64617:44.096Honda
5Dean Harrison125.90917:58.782Honda
6James Hind125.83917:59.376Suzuki
7James Hillier125.75218:00.129Honda
8Michael Rutter124.78718:08.477BMW
9Phillip Crowe124.55218:10.530BMW
10Josh Brookes123.85618:16.664BMW
11David Johnson123.73318.17.752Kawasaki
12Conor Cummins122.28118:30.789Honda
13Craig Neve122.13518:32.114Honda
14Shaun Anderson119.43218:57.283Suzuki
15Erno Kostamo119.40318:57.560BMW


Peter Hickman was able to get two laps in on his FHO Racing Superstock as he posted the fastest time of 129.032 mph. Michael Dunlop was fight there in second place on board his MD Racing Honda, 1.3 seconds down on Hicky’s best time.

Peter Hickman (IOMTT Press)
Peter Hickman (IOMTT Press)

Dominic Herbertson put in a strong lap on BMW stocker to move into third place, twelve seconds away from Hickman’s best time.

2024 Isle of Man TT - Superstock Qualifying 1 Results (Monday)

PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeMotorcycle
1Peter Hickman129.03217:32.667BMW
2Michael Dunlop128.8717:33.989Honda
3Dom Herbertson127.5417:44.983BMW
4James Hillier127.53517:45.024Honda
5Jamie Coward127.32117:46.815Honda
6David Johnson127.2417:47.492Kawasaki
7Conor Cummins127.03617:49.212Honda
8Phillip Crowe127.03217:49.244BMW
9John McGuinness126.74517:51.666Honda
10Rob Hodson126.26617:55.732Honda
11Josh Brookes125.69718:00.601BMW
12Mike Browne125.63218:01.160Aprilia
13Paul Jordan124.84918:07.939Aprilia
14Michael Evans124.718:09.236Suzuki
15Brian McCormack124.6518:09.676BMW
16Nathan Harrison123.84518:16.757Honda
17Ryan Cringle123.00918:24.215Honda
18Shaun Anderson122.92818:24.936Honda
19Anthony Redmond122.71618:26.852BMW
20Julian Trummer122.37318:29.949Honda

Qualifying two takes place tomorrow, with the first Supersport race getting underway on Saturday.

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