The CEO of the FIA World Endurance Championship is excited for the start of the “very spectacular” Hypercar class that will become the series’ top category later this year.

The new Hypercar class will replace LMP1 at the start of the 2020-21 WEC season in September, giving manufacturers greater road relevance while retaining their hybrid technology.

Toyota and Aston Martin have both confirmed their entry to the Hypercar category from 2020-21, while Peugeot will join the category in 2022.

Speaking at Autosport International last week in Birmingham, WEC CEO Gerard Neveu looked ahead to the start of the Hypercar class later this year at Silverstone, which he called “the best place to launch the category”.

“For the last five years, we played with the LMP1 hybrid, with Toyota, with Porsche, and with Audi of course. Then now this is a new cycle, we’re entering a new cycle with the Hypercar,” Neveu said.

“It will be a different look of car, more aggressive, a fantastic car. The design will be something very spectacular, and still of course the hybrid technology that is very important.

“We already have three major manufacturers committed to join, we have Toyota, we have Peugeot, and we have Aston Martin with the Valkyrie programme. It’s something very spectacular, and the idea is to develop this category in the future.”

Neveu also underlined the series’ commitment to furthering new automotive technology, with plans for a hydrogen-powered class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 2024 being worked towards.

“With the ACO, we have already developed the long-term visibility, and the idea is to open the sports car and the top categories to the hydrogen technology from ’24,” Neveu said.

“So this is another step, but it can provide a long-term view for the technology.”