Citroen boss, Guy Frequelin has indicated that the French manufacturers' decision to quit the FIA World Rally Championship might only be temporary and that they could conceivably return as early as 2007.

Frequelin added though, that such a return would be dependent upon on how the sports regulations involve over the next 12 months or so - and on how many events there are in the championship [see separate story].

"It is sure that the end of the 2005, Citroen stops the WRC and it is sure that in 2006 Citroen will not be in the WRC," he said.

"But we're looking for another discipline and it is very difficult to find another one like the WRC.

"I hear that Mitsubishi and Skoda are asking about the costs and the coverage. And so, if the regulations change in the future then maybe Citroen will come back to the WRC, but not in 2006."

Pressed on if Citroen might support a privateer team next year, effectively as a means of remaining involved in the sport, but in a less committed way, Frequelin noted that it was 'too early to say'.

Could the PSA group be having second thoughts after their decision last November, to withdraw both Citroen and Peugeot?

Let's hope so...