Sebastien Loeb's co-driver, Daniel Elena has conceded it was his fault they went out in SS13 of the Rally Japan.

Loeb's Citroen C4 WRC car left the road around 5-6 kilometres into the first run through the 20.75 kilometre-run through Niueo 1 when Elena called out the wrong instructions.

Speaking about the incident, Daniel was at a loss to explain what prompted the error: "It was my fault - 100 per cent. Sometimes you think 'blue' and you say 'green', as simple as that.

"I had the correct writing in my pace notes, I read it properly, and I announced it wrong. I still don't know why. Traces of jet lag, lack of attention with no fight? One tenth of a second with my brain disconnected was enough to end up in drama. I feel really sorry, and I have thanked S?bastien and the whole team for not having blamed me too much."

Citroen boss, Guy Frequelin meanwhile has already told Elena to forget it. Indeed he was quick to point out that it is Daniel's first error in 10 years.

"S?bastien and Daniel went off following a wrongly announced pace note. It's Daniel's first mistake in 10 years. I've told him to put it behind him and concentrate on the important job that lies ahead," Guy confirmed.

"Mistakes are human. The time difference, the timing of this event and the challenging nature of the stages all contribute to making this sort of incident possible.

"If they had finished second here, they could have settled for second in Ireland and Wales. As it is, they will now need to win both these events. We're back to where we were before the Rallye Catalunya, except there are now just two rounds remaining instead of five!"