Kevin Magnussen is locked down for next year but the identity of his teammate remains unknown.

Schumacher’s future with Haas is up in the air amid reports of the German leaving Ferrari’s driver academy. 

Mick Schumacher's F1 future - STAY or GO?

Former Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi has been linked with Schumacher’s seat in recent weeks, with the Italian getting to drive Haas’ 2022 car in FP1 later this year at the Italian and United States Grands Prix.

Schumacher refused to answer any questions regarding his future in the FIA’s pre-weekend press conference for the F1 Dutch Grand Prix.

Steiner revealed that Haas have started the “process” of deciding who will take the second seat alongside Magnussen.

“It’s a start, not the end, it’s not that we didn’t speak together about drivers or what to do but we decided to wait a bit – we are not in a hurry, we monitor the situation with Mick and see what is happening.

“We are not in a hurry – why do we need to decide now anyway? If we decide now and make the wrong decision and we regret it why would we force ourselves to decide just because you want an answer.”

Steiner was then asked if Haas risked losing out on other potential targets by waiting around, where he replied: “Absolutely but we take that risk, we consciously take the risk, maybe the opportunity is bigger than the risk.”

What are Haas looking for?

Unlike in previous years, Haas aren’t the slowest team on the grid, making them an attractive proposition for many drivers.

Sitting in eighth in the constructors’ championship with eight rounds to go, Steiner says the team are looking for a driver who can “take the team forward” in 2023.

“I’ve got my own thoughts but I still need to make sure who is best for the team, it’s not who I want as a person, it’s who is best for the team for the future, that comes out of the dialogue, what do we want to do, a riskier version, safer version, whatever, that will be the deciding factor – not who is the favourite or who I like most,” Steiner added.

“What we are looking is to bring the team forward – is it best to have a really fast driver or a solid driver that can carry everything along, there’s so many things in it, but the aim is obviously to take the team forward again.”