The Aston Martin F1 driver became the subject of the internet’s favourite meme over the past week, when gossip forums claimed he was romantically involved with the megastar singer.

He responded to the strange claims earlier this week by posting a TikTok which sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

Arriving at the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, he was told by Sky “I knew you were trouble…”

Alonso awkwardly responded by trying to force the conversation back to F1: “Yes, probably! I am just focused on Baku, and racing. Let’s see.

“The new format of the weekend is extremely complex for a driver. The first time to get in the car on Saturday, you tie your belt, and it’s Q1…”

Alonso has regularly been the top Anti-Hero in F1 but the recent rumours of a Love Story with the famous pop star was not what anybody expected heading into the fourth round of the championship this weekend.