The 7.004km venue is being modified with the objective of meeting double FIA/FIM official approval to allow for the return of motorcycle racing at the circuit. 

In order to stage the returning Spa 24 Hours motorbike race in June, work including the expansion of run-off areas and the installation of gravel traps is being completed during the off-season to receive the required FIM Grade C approval. 

Construction began on November 15 as part of an €80m government-backed refurbishment that will also see the circuit’s ageing infrastructure receive a welcome makeover. 

The world famous Eau Rouge/Raidillon section is undergoing changes that are set to increase safety for car racing following several serious accidents in recent years in Formula 2, W Series and the Spa 24 Hours. 


What work is being done? 

La Source (Turn 1) 

The run-off area at La Source, the first corner of the circuit, is being enlarged, while a gravel trap is also being added. 

In addition, the 24hr grandstand will be replaced by a new more modern grandstand that the circuit claims will be “better integrated with its environment”. 

Eau Rouge and Raidillon (Turn 2-4) 

The rails at the foot of the uphill climb (Turn 2) are being removed to allow for an enlargement of the tarmac run-off area. The left part of Raidillon (Turn 3) will also make way for a larger run-off. 

The run-off area located to the right-hand side of the track at the top of Raidillon (Turn 4) section is also being expanded. 

A covered grandstand with 4,600 seats and VIP boxes is being erected at the top of Raidillon. This is scheduled to be completed by the end of April. 

Les Combes and Malmedy (Turn 6 and 7) 


The run-off areas at Les Combes (Turn 6) and Malmedy (Turn 7) will also be enlarged, with the rails moved and the tarmac replaced by a gravel trap. New service roads will be installed. 

Bruxelles (Turn 8) 

The sweeping, downhill right hander of Bruxelles (Turn 8) will have some of its tarmac run-off replaced by a gravel trap.

Blanchimont (Turn 16 and 17) 

Gravel beds will also be added to the tarmac run-off at the high-speed Turn 16 and 17 segment, while a new service road will be created.