Red Bull Cheever Racing team owner and driver Eddie Cheever Jr. made the following statement about the announcement released today by Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, Inc. to discontinue providing engines to the Indy Racing League at the conclusion of the 2002 season.

Cheever said: "I am truly grateful to Infiniti for the past three years, in which time we built a mutually beneficial partnership."

"For Infiniti, we have turned their Indy Racing program into a winning effort, and along the way we have successfully enhanced their image as a performance-focused luxury car maker."

"Cheever Indy Racing has won two races, a pole position, and has become a regular frontrunner with the Infiniti V8 racing engine."

"Our partnership with Infiniti has established Cheever Indy Racing as one of the top teams in the Indy Racing League. With Infiniti support, we have developed new relationships with Red Bull and TWR Group which will be vital to our future success."

"I am only sorry that we came just shy of delivering an Indy 500 win to Infiniti, which would have made them the first Japanese automotive manufacturer to win the race. But it's not over yet. We have the best engine out there on the track right now, and we have until September to kick everybody's butt."



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