What Bagnaia, Bastianini and Quartararo said in the cool down room

The post-race chat between Sunday’s Malaysian MotoGP top three of race winner Francesco Bagnaia, runner-up Enea Bastianini and third place Fabio Quartararo just before heading out onto the Sepang podium.
Enea Bastianini, Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP race, Malaysian MotoGP, 23 October
Enea Bastianini, Francesco Bagnaia, Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP race,…

Bagnaia held on for a crucial victory after rebuffing a mid-race pass by fellow Ducati rider Bastianini, while Quartararo made a late push but couldn’t quite catch the leading duo.

Bagnaia now takes a 23-point lead over Yamaha’s reigning champion Quartararo into next weekend’s Valencia finale.

Quartararo: I was almost three seconds from you guys, then I catch, I catch, I catch, but I was…

Bagnaia: We had 4-5 laps where it was difficult to push because we were battling a bit. It’s true that we had just two overtakes, but being [so] close like this it was always a bit difficult to improve.

Quartararo: I think I was +1.6s at one time, from 2.5s

Bastianini: You were 1.3-1.4s

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Quartararo: Yeah? At Turn 14 the front there was really…

Bastianini: But in the slow corners more, for me, like Turn 2.

Quartararo: For me the left side was much better than the right.

Bastianini: For me, no. Also Turn 5 was difficult.

Bagnaia: At the start, how many overtakes?

Quartararo: I think I overtake five. Because you were…

Bagnaia: I was already second!

Quartararo: I think I was fifth or sixth. I passed about six riders. I made not a good start, but I braked [late].

Bagnaia: Me too. I said ‘okay, now I’ll brake very hard’. I was quite confident everything was okay, but my problem was I did the warm-up lap a bit too slow and the edge of the tyres was very slippy.

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