Isle of Man TT 2023 schedule

Monday, 29th May
10.30am: Free Practice
1.15pm: Qualifying 1

Tuesday, 30th May
6.15pm: Qualifying 2

Wednesday, 31st May
6.15pm: Qualifying 3

Thursday, 1st June
6.15pm: Qualifying 4

Friday, 2nd June
12.45pm: Qualifying 5

Saturday, 3rd June
11.15am: Race Day 1
Supersport (Race 1)
Sidecar (Race 1)

Sunday, 4th June
2.15pm: Race Day 2
Superbike TT

Tuesday, 6th June
11.15am: Race Day 3
Superstock (Race 1)
Supertwin (Race 1)

Wednesday, 7th June
11.15am: Race Day 4
Supersport (Race 2)
Sidecar (Race 2)

Friday, 9th June
11.15am: Race Day 5
Superstock (Race 2)
Supertwin (Race 2)

Saturday, 10th June
11am: Race Day 6
Senior TT

Isle of Man TT races - The big debate

The Isle of Man TT say that the 2023 schedule will "hopefully drive the long term sustainability of the event delivering a range of benefits" that include:

  • Increasing overall visitor numbers and economic benefit by creating two long weekend options for visiting fans, most of whom prioritise time off work when deciding to attend events.
  • Filling the accommodation capacity towards the end of the racing programme that will in turn give visitors greater flexibility and further benefit accommodation providers where currently over 65% of fans have left before the Senior TT.
  • Reducing the duration of race days, lessening the impact on residents as well as reducing the demand on volunteers and officials, including marshals, teams, and competitors.
  • Improved offering for race fans with more racing and both feature Superbike Races positioned in prime viewing times (weekend afternoons).