British championship promoters MSVR has set-up a new prototype category to run alongside the British Supersport championship from 2018.

After two years of special inclusion prototype bikes to a similar specification seen at European and World level, a Moto2 category will run within the British Supersport championship titled ‘British GP2’ which will see Honda-powered Moto2 machines join the grid. Independent constructor projects using four-cylinder 600cc or three-cylinder 675cc engines using a similar Stock 600cc specification will also be included assuming the bikes meet the full technical specification requirements.

The British Supersport and British GP2 classes will race together and be separately classified with an overall classification to decide the ultimate winner.

“This is a critical point for this racing category. We have been concerned for some time that certain manufacturers have ceased producing 600cc sports bikes, which directly affects the sustainability of the Supersport class,” Stuart Higgs explained.

“The integration of independently constructed bikes with a racing chassis and a standard engine has proven to be equitable with the Supersport technical level of a standard chassis and a tuned engine.

“At World Championship level they are on the cusp of a migration to a new generation of Moto2 machines and engines which will allow the flow of previously unavailable equipment into the marketplace. This coupled with a resurgence in interest from independent engineering companies keen to develop bespoke racing hardware makes this the ideal time to refresh this highly important category of racing.

“Personally I’m extremely excited to see a new level of prototype machines in the British Championship, I think that the public will appreciate the spectacle and for riders and teams to be exposed to chassis development will be an incredible benefit for their advancement.”


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