2021 BSB champion Tarran Mackenzie has told Crash.net that winning the title in a clean and fair way was especially important to him. 

Over the course of the 2021 season four riders separated themselves as the main title contenders.

Eventual champion Mackenzie, team-mate Jason O’Halloran, Tommy Bridewell and Christian Iddon all had their strong moments, but it was Mackenzie who came out victorious thanks to a stunning hat-trick at the final round at Brands Hatch. 

Aside from a coming together between Mackenzie and O’Halloran at Silverstone, racing between the four riders was clean and fair throughout, which given what was at stake is a credit to all involved.

Mackenzie spoke at length about this to Crash.net: "I think it was pretty much all fair. I think some weekends Bridewell might have been stronger than Christian, then Christian might have been stronger than Tommy. 

"We might have got to Oulton Park and been a little bit weaker and Tommy was a little bit stronger, so everyone had their strong tracks, but there was never a week-in-week-out scenario where we were going at each other's throats really. That was mainly me and Jason at the end of the season before the showdown. 

"But what I really liked going into Brands and we mentioned it in the pre-interview, was that with 26 points between us - I was leading and Tommy was fourth 26 points behind I think and we went into a track at Brands Hatch where I won a race in the middle of the year, Christian had won a race, Jason won a race, I think Tommy was on the podium twice so everyone was strong. 

"What I liked about who was going to be champion was that it was fair going into it, no one had a real advantage over the other one really. 

"Came away from Donington Park where Christian had three podiums I think and Tommy was strong, but it was just fair and that’s the best way to describe it. 

"Even during the weekend, there were no red flags, no one crashed aside from Christian in the last race, there were no coming togethers and no long-lap penalties and that’s what was nice for me. 

"To win a championship was great, but to do it in that way and everything be fair was the right way for me. 

"I wouldn’t have liked it if Tommy had crashed and gifted it to me or something like that really. We’re all rivals on track but we all get on with each other off track. There’s no bitterness between us."

Mackenzie and O’Halloran have already been confirmed to stay with McAMS Yamaha in 2022, as is the case for Bridewell at Oxford Products Ducati, all that’s left to find out is where Iddon will be riding next season.