Matt Neal has been penalised for his part in the race two contact involving himself and British Touring Car Championship title contender Colin Turkington at Brands Hatch.

The Honda driver made contact with Turkington on the opening lap of the second race at Graham Hill corner, which tipped the defending champion into a spin and out of points contention.

The incident had huge repercussions on the title race as a non-score for Turkington ultimately elevated Neal's Honda team mate Dan Cammish into the championship lead, following his third place finish.

Neal went onto finish the race in fourth and keeps his position in the final classification but has been handed a five-place penalty for the final round of the season.

Instead of starting in 8th The Team Dynamics driver will start the final round from 13th, and also received three-penalty points on his licence.

Both Neal and Turkington have differing views on the opening lap incident.

"I think it’s clearly a professional foul and a red card offense," Turkington told ITV 4 following the race.

"I’m really frustrated that a full season’s work has been taken away in one moment. Matt (Neal) is one of the guys you have a bit more trust with.

"I thought he’d have respected where I was a bit more. If it was a Honda and not a BMW would he have hit the Honda?

"I would have thought he’d have held the brake a bit longer. It takes me out of the championship and it’s extremely selfish on his behalf.

“I don’t know what excuse he’ll bring to the table but it was lap one, in the wet; he could have held the brake a bit more. The feedback from the team is that he came from a long way back and hit me up the rear.

"I’m sure when he saw me up front and behind Dan (Cammish), he was pretty keen to reverse the situation. If it was a Honda, I bet he wouldn’t have hit it. A BMW’s a far easier target."

Neal said he felt Turkington had left enough of a gap to warrant a move.

"The car was clearly down the inside and he just turned across me. There’s no malice between us. I am respectful," said Neal.

"If I wanted to do Colin, I would have in the first race. He left the door open, I put my car inside, and he turned across. I can’t see anything more than that."