How F1 plans to have 100% sustainable fuel by 2026

F1 has explained how it plans to meet its net-zero carbon goal by 2030 with the introduction of an all-new sustainable fuel.
How F1 plans to have 100% sustainable fuel by 2026

In 2019, F1 outlined its commitment to net-zero carbon as part of its wider sustainability strategy.

By 2026, the sport will introduce a new sustainable fuel alongside F1’s next generation of hybrid engines.

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F1 explained that “The fuel has purposely been designed with a ‘drop-in’ feature to help accelerate adoption and reduce costs for use in existing road cars (both internal combustion engines and hybrids).”

They also confirmed that the new fuel will be tested in F2 and F3 beforehand. 

What has F1 done so far?

- Introduction of remote broadcasting operations to reduce freight 

- 100% renewable energy at F1 offices

- First carbon neutral grand prix at Silverstone in 2019

- Achieved the highest Sustainability Management accreditation awarded by the FIA (3* accredited)

What has F1 got planned for the future?

- F1 plans to group races together on the calendar in close geographical proximity 

- Exploring carbon reduction measures for fans travelling to Formula 1 events

- Working with F2 and F3 to trial sustainable fuels with their ability to test solutions at pace

- Focus on more efficient process when travelling

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