Vips had his contract terminated by Red Bull on Tuesday as their F1 test and reserve driver after an investigation into a racist word that he used while live streaming himself playing a video game on social media.

He remains at the centre of a storm because F2 disagree with Hitech’s decision to let him keep racing this season as “an opportunity to redeem himself”.

What did Juri Vips' team Hitech say?

Hitech boss Oliver Oakes said on Wednesday: “I have made the decision for Juri to keep his F2 seat with Hitech for the remainder of the season, a decision we have seriously debated.

“Allowing him, to complete his season with Hitech is an opportunity for him to demonstrate, through his actions, the type of person he is.

“I have made it clear that I think the language used was totally unacceptable, but I choose to give him the chance to redeem himself.

“Hitech GP employs an inclusive work force and has never condoned racism or offensive behaviour in any forms. That said, if we live in a society where no-one can make a mistake, then genuinely apologise, have the chance for redemption and learn from it - what does it say about society?

“I don’t know why he said what he said. I don’t know why he was playing and streaming [Call of Duty] at that time of day. Certainly, there are things that would have been far more beneficial for his career!

“What I do know is that having his contract terminated by Red Bull as a result of his actions is a crushing experience for him, a deservedly severe punishment. 

“The reality is there will not be unanimous agreement whether that punishment is sufficient, and that is totally understandable.

“My own view is that no apologies or words alone are enough to mend the damage done. 

“By allowing him to keep racing with Hitech, we are giving Juri the opportunity to demonstrate genuine and insincere remorse for his future actions.

“He must now grasp every opportunity to do so. He needs to make lasting changes and not just short-term virtue-signalling comments.

“While this may not satisfy everyone, I believe we all deserve a second chance in life, but never a third.

“Juri’s self-respect, his reputation and his career are now firmly in his hands.

“Finally, the events of the last few days have cast a shadow over what should have been a fantastic home Grand Prix on Hitech’s doorstep with our Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams competing at Silverstone. Therefore, Hitech will be making no further comments on this matter.”

What did F2 say about Juri Vips?

A statement from Formula 2 disagreed with his team, Hitech.

“Following the recent incident with Juri Vips, F2 would like to reaffirm that the use of racist of discriminatory language cannot be tolerated in any environment.

“Hitech Grand Prix’s decision today is surprising and not one we would have taken.

“We will monitor the situation carefully with them to ensure that such behaviour is properly addressed.”

F1 British Grand Prix rocked by racism issues

The build-up to the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone has been marred by two separate racism issues - one involving Vips, the other involving Lewis Hamilton being abused by Nelson Piquet.

Piquet, the ex-F1 champion and father of Max Verstappen's girlfriend, has apologised but disputed the translation of the word that he used, claiming it was not intended to be racist.

Hamilton had responded via social media saying: "Let's focus on changing the mind-set."

Hamilton has received support from several F1 drivers, and will face the media at Silverstone on Thursday.