Verstappen and Red Bull boycotted Sky Sports in Mexico over comments made by Kravitz, but the reporter has now sided with the world champion after his controversial race in Brazil.

Verstappen was penalised for contact with Lewis Hamilton then refused team orders to benefit Perez - but Kravitz has sided with him over both issues.

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After Verstappen collided with Hamilton, Kravitz said: “It was found to be Verstappen’s fault - surprisingly, to a lot of people.

“Max said it was Lewis’ fault.”

Kravitz added about the Red Bull team orders dispute: “Is this a house divided?

“You could make a lot out of it. Max was asked to do something, but said no.

“Max makes a good point, I suppose, saying: ‘[Perez and Leclerc] are level on points and I’ll help in Abu Dhabi if you want me to’.

“Max is not interested. He’s interested in the world championship, which he’s already done.

“He sees the rest of it as… ‘what’s the point?’

“It would be nice for Perez to be second but it doesn’t really matter. Who’s going to remember that in the history books?

“It is a nice thing for Red Bull Racing. But knowing Max he thinks: ‘Sergio finishing second? I doubt he cares. But does it really matter? We’ve won the championship. Job done’.”

Verstappen finished sixth at the F1 Sao Paulo Grand Prix after refusing to let Perez pass him.

Red Bull wanted to give Perez extra points because, with one race left, he sits level with Charles Leclerc on 290 points in the F1 standings in the fight for second-place.