Hamilton is 37 and is seeking an all-time record eighth F1 championship but his opportunities at glory are dwindling, having endured his worst-ever season while the dominant Max Verstappen won his second consecutive title.

The Mercedes driver current contract expires in one year and, although he confirmed that an extension is inevitable, he has explained the rollercoaster of emotion involved in committing.

Will Lewis Hamilton ever win another F1 world championship?

“We haven't started yet,” he told Bild about his contract negotiations. 

“So far, there has been no time for this, we were on the road.”

He admitted about his future: “Sometimes you wake up and have this feeling: ‘I don't want to do this anymore’. 

“And sometimes you wake up and think: ‘I can do other things all my life, there's definitely more I want to achieve’. 

“It won't be a huge time now, but I will definitely stay.”

The challenge for Hamilton will be harnessing Mercedes’ improvements in the latter part of 2022 to challenge Verstappen in a way he hasn’t been able to do over the past year.

Red Bull’s current dominance could scupper Hamilton’s aim of breaking clear of the all-time record he currently shares with Michael Schumacher.

“Quitting as a world champion is, I think, a dream that every athlete has – and so do I,” Hamilton vowed.

“For me, motorsport is not the most important thing either. When I was a kid, maybe it was. Probably also when I came to Formula 1.

“Since I've been in my 30s, I've realised that it's all about creating memories. With friends, with family. 

“It's about key memories with the people who mean the most to you. That's what I focus on and plan things to create these moments. Because that's what you take with you in the long run.”

Hamilton went winless in 2022 for the first season in his career, while teammate George Russell claimed Mercedes’ sole win.

If Hamilton is to achieve his bold aims he faces the fascinating prospect of renewing his title battle with old rival Verstappen, while also holding the ambitious Russell at an arm’s length.