Adrian Newey dislikes “Netflix era” and considered quitting Red Bull last year

“There is so much commercial focus, as well. That does not sit well with him.”

Adrian Newey and Christian Horner
Adrian Newey and Christian Horner

Fresh detail on Adrian Newey’s disillusionment with Red Bull and Formula 1 has emerged.

The chief technical officer of F1’s dominant team has confirmed his exit after 19 glorious years where he designed the title-winning cars for Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

Newey will formally depart Red Bull in early-2025 and can reportedly take a new job, with a new F1 team, immediately which would allow him to oversee the 2026 car.

“I’ve gained detail on why it is that Newey has decided to leave. It isn’t a short-term thing,” Sky Sports’ Craig Slater reported.

“I have learned that Newey was considering leaving Red Bull last year.

“Christian Horner had to talk him into, effectively, signing a new contract with the team. Which he did, last May.

“But he has become increasingly disillusioned with the power struggle going on behind-the-scenes at the team.

“There is friction between Salzburg - where Red Bull’s head office, in sporting terms, is - and the Formula 1 team base in Milton Keynes.

“And also the wider friction between the Thai majority ownership and the Austrian 49% minority ownership.

“That power struggle has made it a difficult working environment for Newey.

“Additionally, he is not a fan of the Netflix era of Formula 1 which is so much in the spotlight.

“There is so much commercial focus, as well. That does not sit well with him.”

Drive To Survive, the Netflix series, is a major success for F1 owners Liberty Media and has grown the fanbase, but has clearly not impressed the legendary Newey.

Ferrari are the team who are most heavily linked with Newey.

“What I can say, in factual terms, is that Newey has told Red Bull that he has not signed an agreement to join another Formula 1 team,” Slater said.

“He would not have a shortage of offers. We know of interest from Ferrari and Aston Martin.

“Well-placed sources at Aston Martin felt that, if Newey went elsewhere, Ferrari was the more enticing proposition.”

Ferrari also welcome Lewis Hamilton in 2025 so adding F1’s best-ever car designer would be a colossal coup.

However, it has not been ruled out that Newey could step away from F1 altogether.

“I’ve spoken to a number of people close to Newey, who understand it will be a matter of weeks until he decides what to do,” Slater reported.

“Retirement isn’t out of the question. He is 65 years old.”

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