The FIA is set to announce radical changes to the F1 rules which will come into play in the coming years.

According to the BBC, the governing body will confirm that moveable rear wings will be allowed from next year alongside the return of KERS before the introduction of 'greener' engines from 2013.

While those engines will produce similar amounts of power, they will be based on 1.6-litre turbocharged units and should improve fuel efficiency by a targeted 50 per cent.

The introduction of moveable wings is an attempt to improve overtaking with drivers able to use the wings when they are within a second of the car ahead. Electronic monitoring will ensure drivers are only able to use the wing at the correct time.

The decision to bring back KERS, which was used by some teams in 2009 before being dropped on cost grounds, is seen as the first step towards F1 becoming more environmentally friendly when the new engine rules come into play.

Under those rules, the maximum revs will be lowered while fuel consumption will also be restricted.

More to follow once the FIA announcement is made...