With new rules this year and stepped noses on most of the 2012 F1 cars, the question of beauty was a hot topic in the countdown to the season opening Australian Grand Prix and as such we thought it only fitting to get you to rate the top ten ugliest F1 cars of all time.

Voting has now closed and we can reveal the 'winner', from the ten-short listed, is the 'Walrus'-nosed Williams FW26, which finished narrowly ahead of Tyrrell's six-wheel P34. The McLaren MP4/10 was ranked third.

The full results are as follows...

Ugliest F1 car vote - Full results

1. Williams FW26
2. Tyrrell P34
3. McLaren MP4/10
4. Renault R29
5. Honda RS08
6. Ferrari F310
7. Ferrari 2012
8. Red Bull RB3 (British Grand Prix)
9. Eifelland Type 21
10. Ferrari 312T4

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