Thanks to everyone who voted in the exclusive 2012 car livery poll - a whopping 47,000 votes in total were cast over the last two weeks, which is an astonishing number and makes this quite the definitive word in what readers think about the looks of the current F1 cars on the grid.

We'll start this two part run-down with the six cars at the bottom of your estimations, starting with ...

7th place: Williams F1 - 5.58 out of 10

The snappy corporate looks of the Williams didn't do quite enough to get the Grove team into the top half of the division, and left the team thoroughly in the midfield - much as the team itself is in terms of race performance despite its reign in Spain with Pastor Maldonado.

8th place: Force India - 5.52 out of 10

The dazzling white, green and orange colours of India's flag might catch the eye, but it seems that readers didn't think that Force India had done enough to make the design on the car itself really come alive to place it better than eighth out of the 12 teams.

9th place: Toro Rosso - 5.30 out of 10

Alas, pretty much as feared, it seems that Toro Rosso has been lost in the deep shadows cast by its big brother, Red Bull. This car looks very similar to that of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber but then lacks the final polish - which dooms it to being seen as second rate.

10th place: Sauber - 4.45 out of 10

There's a big gap from ninth place to Sauber in tenth, and it's easy to see why: there really is something incredibly artless about the Sauber. If they've spent more than five minutes in the livery design, we'd be surprised. Austerity is one thing; but make an effort, guys!

11th place: HRT - 4.38 out of 10

There's something about the HRT that just fails to make any impact on the eyes, even on those rare moments when it does attract the attention of the TV cameras. Closer examination shows it to be actually quite stylish, but it's just far too subtle for its own good.

12th place: Marussia F1 - 3.94 out of 10

And the winner of the wooden spoon is ... Frankly, a bit of a surprise to us here at, as we figured the Marussia stood out on track and that the red-and-black looked really rather nifty. But the readers have spoken, and so the Marussia is the worst car on the grid - and by some way.

Check back tomorrow for the top six car liveries on the 2012 grid, and find out which of the remaining six cars is the one you reckon to be the best-dressed F1 car of all!



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