From the classic all-red Ferrari to the nostalgia of the black-and-gold Lotus and the sparking Silver Arrows-inspired livery of the Mercedes W04, often F1 is almost as much about looking good as it is about going fastest...

F1 teams spend hundreds of millions designing their chassis, right down to the styling of the smallest and most insignificant groove on the front or rear wings. Some of the teams look as though they've spent a hefty chunk of change on designing the paint job to go with the chassis, too - while others look like they've had the work experience intern throw something together in their lunchbreak!

You've had half a season now to get used to this year's line-up of cars in the F1 world championship, so it's about time you let us know who you think has got the look of their 2013 car liveries just right. CLICK HERE to tell us which of the 11 different designs look great, and which need junking!

We're not talking about the shape of the chassis, or which ones still have that horrible hooked nose effect and which have a slim-line look by narrowing the side air-intakes. This is purely a matter of artistic design - the colour and patterns used by the team to make sure that their presence is felt out on track, and thereby reward their all-important financial sponsors by picking up a lot of TV camera time by being the best looking and most memorable car out on track at any given time. Does the all-red classic Ferrari livery still do it for you? Perhaps you like the shared 'silver arrows' heritage look of the McLaren and Mercedes car, or the very different shared ancestry of the Lotus and Caterham cars? There's something for everyone, whether it's the more conventional and understated look of the Sauber and Williams cars, or the more exuberant and proudly patriot green, white and orange flair of Force India? The bold red-and-black of the Marussia certainly packs a punch, while the Red Bull brand (shared by Toro Rosso) takes as much beating in the design stakes as it does on the track in race trim!

Do you have your favourite? And one that just makes you wince everytime you see it out on track and wish would go away? Then now's your chance to express yourself by voting in the annual car livery poll. To start submitting your ratings, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and you'll have the chance to rate each car in turn out of ten, from 1 meaning 'wouldn't be seen dead driving that' all the way up to 10 for 'even more gorgeous to look at than the grid girls.' We look forward to seeing what you decide and which car livery comes top in your estimation. We'll provide a definitive countdown later in the month based on all the average scores, so remember to check back just before Spa to see if everyone else agrees with you and whether your favourite does indeed manage to come out on top.

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