The ongoing legal row over whether Bernie Ecclestone and others conspired to fix an agreeable price for CVC's acquisition of F1 shares has taken another twist with news that the 83-year old's lawyer is to join him in facing corruption charges in Germany.

Despite being cleared of deliberately undervaluing the price of BayernLB's shares in order to deny Constantin Medien a cut of the proceeds, Ecclestone was accused by the High Court in London of 'bribing' BayernLB banker Gerhard Gribkowsky in order to ensure that CVC emerged as the preferred bidder.

Ecclestone was one of four facing the Constantin accusation, and continues to face bribery charges in both Germany and Switzerland, and now it has been reported that lawyer Stephen Mullens has been similarly charged by German prosecutors

According to Britain's Telegraph newspaper, Mullens has been linked to the $44m 'bribe' paid by Ecclestone, joining Gribkowsky and the German's former lawyer, Gerald Toifl, in facing trial in Munich in April.



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