FIA race director Charlie Whiting has warned drivers they will be penalised if they constantly run wide at Turn 8 during the Austrian Grand Prix.

A number of drivers had lap times deleted during qualifying having had all four wheels off the track on the exit of Turn 8 - the penultimate corner - as it can be quicker to carry more corner speed and run wide on to an asphalt run-off area.

Ahead of the race, Whiting has informed all of the drivers that they will be reported to the stewards for going off at the exit if they gain an advantage or do it consistently.

"During the race, any driver leaving the track on the exit of Turn 8 who appears to have gained a clear and lasting advantage by doing so, will be reported to the stewards," a note from Whiting to the teams read. "We would not, for example, expect a driver who left the track on the exit of Turn 8 to attempt to pass a driver in front of him into Turn 1.

"Furthermore, any drivers who repeatedly leave the track on the exit of Turn 8 will also be reported to the stewards.

"Drivers are reminded that if they leave the track they may re-join but only if they do so safely and without gaining any lasting advantage."

Nico Rosberg said on Saturday evening that an astroturf strip should be placed on the outside of the corner in future races to prevent drivers from gaining an advantage by going wide.