Lewis Hamilton has praised the FIA for agreeing to launch a review into Fernando Alonso's accident during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The FIA is to look into the incident - which saw Alonso airlifted to hospital and spend three nights there - on the request of McLaren, in an attempt to better understand whether lateral safety measures can be improved.

Hamilton, who competed alongside Alonso at McLaren in 2007, is pleased that the FIA has taken an interest in the case in its continuous pursuit of safety.

"I don't know too much about [the crash]," he said. "I hope Fernando is OK. I am not really sure what happened, I didn't see it or know how hard he hit the barrier, but I am aware he spent more than one day in hospital so it would have to be pretty severe.

"It is great that the FIA [is looking into it]. They are always very keen to try and learn and improve things, because safety is the number one priority before anything else."

McLaren maintains Alonso's crash was caused by a gust of wind pushing him offline and pitching him into a spin before striking the inside wall on the exit of turn three. The Spaniard was briefly knocked unconscious in the incident, but is 'physically perfect' according to Ron Dennis.