Valtteri Bottas says there is no ulterior motive behind his decision to become more involved in his own management after a minor reshuffle of his personal team.

The Finn, a podium winner this year in Canada, is yet to determine where he will be racing in 2017, though many predict he will remain with Williams.

Coming a year after failing to land a potential drive at Ferrari, though Bottas has been mentioned as a possible Kimi Raikkonen replacement once more, he maintains he simply wants more say in the way his future is determined.

"There are no changes in my management, everything is still the same, but I'm going to be taking a bit more care of some things. There's nothing more to add, really, there's no drama, no story behind it, it's just I'm keen to be a bit more involved, that's all.

"For sure I still have my management but I'm quite keen to be a bit more involved. I think this is the way to go but it's not a massive change

"t would be nice to know as early as possible because if you carry on through the summer it doesn't help. It would be nice to know as early as possible but sometimes it's not possible, so we need to go with the time and see how it ends up."