Esteban Gutierrez says he has resolved his dispute with Lewis Hamilton from the Hungarian Grand Prix after the pair clashed when Hamilton blasted the Mexican for not obeying blue flag sufficiently.

At the Hungaroring Hamilton gesticulated at Gutierrez when he attempted to lap the Haas driver while leading the race, with the Mexican retorting post-race by calling the world champion 'disrespectful'.

Gutierrez says the pair spoke about the incident in Germany and agreed a resolution with each apologising for their initial reaction.

"We resolved that, definitely, and he was happy with my explanation," Gutierrez said. "He also offered an apology, and I explained as well in that case.

"I have never been penalised for that [blue flags]. In fact, very often I've been told by the team I'm too easy, so I said okay, that I would try to do my best. Obviously you want to lose the least amount of time possible, it's part of the race. You are fighting and doing your best.

"I was on super-soft tyres at that moment, he was catching me very slowly, and when I saw he was one second behind, or something like that, I really backed off and let him by in Turn 2."

Despite resolving one conflict, Gutierrez has found himself in a similar situation with Daniel Ricciardo at Hockenheim after the Australian sarcastically commented on the team radio during the race that the Mexican was 'one of his favourites' as he attempted to pass.

After the race Gutierrez, who was surprised by the criticism says he will aim to 'make things better'.

"I did my best. It was not my intention to block or anything," he said. "If he is not comfortable with it, I will try to speak to him and make things better. It's not my intention to do anything bad to anyone. I will speak to him."

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Gutierrez is currently in action as part of the first Pirelli 2017 tyre test with Ferrari at Fiorano, after taking over from Sebastian Vettel on Tuesday.