Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has spoke out against the proposals aimed to diminish Ferrari's current dominance in Formula One.

Reported in Britain's Daily Telegraph di Montezemolo said "I find the proposals slightly insane. They raise the question, if these proposals go through - and I don't think they will - would it make sense for us to keep investing in a modified formula?"

Di Montezemolo went on to threaten the possibility that Ferrari could leave the series if any measures were brought in. "After having won so much we could consider looking for new challenges outside Formula One."

The statement made by di Montezemolo leaves no doubt as to the the position on any changes held by the Ferrari boss. It also confirms a continuing stance by the Italian team to safeguard its hard fought position at the top of the F1 tree.

"I'm sure these aren't proposals that can go through, as F1 would then cease to exist. We do not need punitive measures towards who has worked more and worked better than the others by investing time, sacrifices and money" di Montezemolo continued.

In its history Ferrari has threatened to leave the sport before, particularly when founder Enzo Ferrari was at the helm. The charismatic boss more than once threatened to leave the series when he felt things weren't going his way.



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