McLaren boss Ron Dennis has been talking of his hopes for next year and his team's strategy in starting the 2003 season with last year's car.

McLaren is delaying the launch of its 2003 car until at least four races into the season. It will start in Melborne with an interim motified 2002 car. It was this very tactic that Ferrari used to such good effect at the start of the 2002 season when Schumacher used the F2001 to take his early victories.

Dennis, quoted in Britain's The Daily Telegraph explains the tactic. "The goal now is to make a quantum leap... so that is why we are taking longer to develop next year's car."

Ferrari started the 2002 season with the winning car from the previous season's championship, whereas McLaren can look back on only one race win in 2002, but even so the added reliability of racing with a tried and tested package could well prove a canny decision for the Woking concern.



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