Complete technical lowdown on the new WilliamsF1 BMW FW25, launched today [Friday] at the Circuit de Catalunya, Spain.

Chassis - WilliamsF1 FW25:

Transmission: WilliamsF1 semi-automatic.

Clutch: AP.

Chassis: Carbon Aramid epoxy composite, manufactured by WilliamsF1.

Suspension: WilliamsF1.

Steering: WilliamsF1.

Cooling system: Water and oil radiators.

Brakes: Carbon Industrie carbon discs and pads operated by AP callipers.

Lubricants: Castrol.

Fuel: Petrobras.

Wheels: O.Z.; 13 x 12 front, 13 x 13.7 rear.

Tyres: Michelin Pilot.

Cockpit instrumentation: WilliamsF1 digital data display allied with BMW HUD system (Ralf Schumacher).

Steering wheel: WilliamsF1.

Driver's seat: Anatomically formed in carbon/epoxy composite material with Alcantara covering.

Extinguisher systems: WilliamsF1/Safety Devices.

Front track: Maximum allowance.

Rear track: Maximum allowance.

Weight: 600 kg including driver and camera.

Engine - BMW P83:

Type: normally aspirated V10.

Cylinder angle: 90 degrees.

Displacement: 2,998 cc.

Cylinders: four valves per cylinder.

Valve drive: pneumatic.

Engine block: aluminium.

Cylinder head: aluminium.

Crankshaft: steel.

Oil system: dry sump lubrication.

Engine management: BMW.