Mercedes motorsport boss Norbert Haug has said that he expects nothing untoward to come out in next week's FIA hearing in Paris, to which McLaren personnel have been summoned to answer charges relating the to Ferrari 'spy row'.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis has always maintained the team's innocence in the matter, despite chief designer Mike Coughlan having admitted receiving and copying confidential technical information passed to him by a member of the Ferrari team, alleged to this point to have been disaffected technical manager Nigel Stepney.

"I am very much convinced that this is an issue between some persons who have an interest in using the ideas of another team, but certainly not an issue that our team is interested in," Haug insisted at the Nurburgring on Friday, "We are not interested in getting material or ideas from other teams. Most definitely not. I think that is what was stated, and I think that is what will come out next Thursday."

While Stepney insists that he is prepared to point the finger at those he believes to be culpable, the focus will shift to Paris next Thursday, when the sport's governing body hears McLaren side of the story and decides what, if any, punishment the Woking team will face.

"I think we should have a fair hearing next Thursday, then we will see what happens," Haug said, "I think everybody who has an idea, everybody that can look at a car with a technical expertise, will easily find out that there are no ideas on our car not created within our team. I include the engine because, I do not know the material, should there be any doubts on engine issues, we are very, very open for a check in that direction as well.

"I think we will have a fair hearing and then we will see what will happen. I cannot see that we are guilty anyway, because I cannot see what we have done wrong."