Formula One's first ever night race took another step towards reality as Singapore GP Pte Ltd signed a letter of intent with Italian-based Valerio Maioli SpA to design and construct the necessary lighting system to illuminate the event.

Two different lighting tests have already been carried out - in July and September at Paul Ricard, as well as a brief experiment at Indianapolis earlier in the year - to study the proposed system under racing conditions and, with no complications reported by the drivers involved, work is now pressing ahead to refine the Singapore system.

"Staging the first Formula 1 night-race is a huge undertaking but, with Valerio Maioli's extensive experience, we are confident that they are able to deliver the system successfully," Colin Syn, deputy chairman of the Singapore Grand Prix commented.

Valerio Maioli SpA specialises in the engineering of lighting and telecommunication systems and brings 40 years of experience to the Formula One project. The proposed system, which was presented for approval by the FIA last week, has been in development since late 2006.

Under the proposed system, the entire track will be fitted with nearly 1500 lighting projectors and powered by twelve twin-power generators. An overall average of about 3000lux levels is required to illuminate the circuit, which is enough to meet high definition television broadcast standards. As a result, the track will be almost four times brighter than a typical stadium.

The lights will be brought to Singapore in early January for testing in a controlled environment similar to conditions expected on raceday. Valerio Maioli SpA estimates that setting up the entire system will take two to three months.