Pirelli has confirmed its Formula 1 tyre selection for July's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, with the new 'ice blue'-coloured Hard compound tyre set to appear for the first time.

Pirelli confirmed at last November's race in Abu Dhabi that the Hard compound would be joined in its tyre selection by a 'Super Hard', changing the designated colour of the Hard from orange to blue.

Recognised as being one of the toughest circuits on tyres, Silverstone has often required tyres towards the harder end of Pirelli's compound selection, but the Italian supplier has opted to go one step harder on its compounds than in 2017 after making its compounds less conservative.

Teams will have the Hard, Medium and Soft tyres to choose from for this year's race, having been able to use the Supersofts at last year's British Grand Prix.

The selection from Pirelli marks its most conservative of the F1 season so far, with the Hard having not been made available to any teams at an event prior to the British Grand Prix, which takes place from July 6-8.



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