The FIA will look into a number of incidents from last month's Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku after the Williams Formula 1 team requested a review in a bid to overturn Sergey Sirotkin's three-place grid penalty.

Sirotkin was caught up in two incidents on the opening lap in Baku, receiving a sanction for hitting Force India's Sergio Perez. The Russian was forced to retire from the race soon after due to a clash with Fernando Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg.

Alonso sustained a sizeable amount of damage to his McLaren car, forcing him to crawl back to the pits on two wheels, while further incidents throughout the race did not result in a penalty similar to Sirotkin's.



The FIA confirmed in a communication on Monday night that it would be investigating the incidents again, but would have to rely on Williams presenting new evidence if it was to take any new decisions.

"The team has requested the Stewards review an incident involving cars 17, 27 and 35 in Turn 2 of Lap 1 of the race and the actions of the driver of car 14 in returning to the pits. (The Stewards note that the reference to car 17 above is most likely incorrect and it should be car 14, namely Fernando Alonso)," the FIA release reads.

"You are requested to appear before the Stewards to provide evidence in relation to the request. There shall be a preliminary hearing to determine if a “new element” as defined in Article 14.3 of the Code exists. This will be followed by another hearing to conduct the review(s), if any new element is determined by the stewards, to exist. It should be noted that the second hearing will occur only if such new element is determined in accordance with the Code, to exist.

"Unless you object and in consideration of the request by Williams Martini Racing for this matter to be resolved this week, prior to the start of the Spanish Grand Prix, the hearings will take place by teleconference.

"The first hearing will be at 10am London time on Tuesday May 8 (11am Central European Time). Should then a new element or elements be identified, a second hearing to conduct the review(s) will be held one hour later at 11am London time (Noon Central European Time) on the same day, Tuesday May 8."




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