Sergio Perez says it felt like Force India was “stuck on standby” prior to its takeover by a consortium over the summer that saved the Formula 1 team following mounting financial issues.

Force India entered administration during the summer break before it was bought by a consortium led by Lawrence Stroll, the father of current Williams driver Lance Stroll.

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The buy-out meant Force India had to re-enter the constructors’ championship as a new team, causing its point total to be set to zero, but it was now able to go ahead with updates for the car and recruitment of new staff that had previously not been possible.

Perez said it felt like he was racing for a new team since the takeover, noting a significant change in approach.

“When you see how the team is running now, operationally, and how things are going along, this is really a racing team,” Perez told

“We went through a very difficult period where everything was stuck on standby. Performance was the last thing that the team was worried about.

“It’s just amazing to see how well we’ve done during that time. We got a podium, we got so many great memories, so I’m very pleased with that.”

Perez played a key role in rescuing Force India, triggering the legal action that resulted in the team entering administration.

While the Mexican conceded it was a difficult decision to take at the time, seeing where Force India has got to now gave him great confidence it was the right move.

“It was very hard, Perez said. “There were some decisions that I had to make in order to save the team, first of all, but at the same time, risking the team in a way.

“It was not easy, not easy for the team as well. For myself, for a racing driver, doing these things, I don’t remember any other driver was in such a difficult position.

“I’m happy with how everything turned out and the direction that the team has now. That gives me the happiness that I took the right decisions for everyone in the team.”



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