Daniel Ricciardo is pleased with how he has settled in at Renault's Formula 1 team following his winter switch from Red Bull, saying he already feels "cosy" working with everyone at Enstone.

Ricciardo joined Renault for 2019 after announcing his shock decision to quit Red Bull last summer, and made his first public appearance for the French marque in pre-season testing earlier this week in Barcelona.

COTA #1 - Together At Last

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Despite only having worked with the team for a few weeks, Ricciardo said that he already feels well settled in and at ease with Renault, as well as gelling well with new teammate Nico Hulkenberg.

"I feel like I am comfortable with everyone. It does feel normal, walking into the meeting rooms and that, the debriefs, it feels familiar," Ricciardo said.

"The way everyone is engaging with me has been positive, and they are certainly trying to draw as much as they can out of me, and to also see if Nico and me are on same page.

"Yesterday the main things we talked about were identical on where to improve the car, so that is a positive that we are both asking for the same things.

"It feels cosy."

Ricciardo ended the opening week of pre-season testing with the fifth-fastest time, but felt it was difficult to read too much into the overall standings from the running, instead remaining wary of the threat posed by all teams.

"I feel like everybody has the ability to be quite quick this week. Toro Rosso, even if that is with no fuel, a 1m17 still is quick," Ricciardo said.

"It is kind of just gauging where everybody is. I was having a look on track, just trying to see little things, how cars can take the kerbs or how the traction is.

"At Red Bull, you looked at two teams, and that was pretty much it. There are a few more cars around is this year. I am still very curious to know what Ferrari and Merc and those guys are doing.

"If I had to put money on it, Ferrari have been the most consistent all test, but even after next week we are not going to know until Melbourne."



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