Mick Schumacher says he had no trouble in separating his focus between his Formula 1 test duties and his racing commitments in Formula 2 in Bahrain, ensuring he avoided distractions.

Schumacher made his F2 debut at the end of last month in Bahrain prior to his first F1 test outings that saw him complete running for both Ferrari and Alfa Romeo at the Bahrain International Circuit.



The 20-year-old stressed prior to the race weekend that he would not let himself be distracted by the F1 tests, and said following an intense week that he had little trouble in separating the commitments.

“[It was] not hard at all. For me, it was very easy to separate that,” Schumacher said.

“For me, it was F2 from the beginning, F2 focused, and after F2 was done, that’s the time I was kind of able to think about F1.

“I managed it really well. I was quite happy with how it went, so I think it was a very positive weekend and a very positive week.”

Schumacher added that he was hopeful of using some of the lessons that he learned through F1 testing to aid his F2 efforts, with the next race taking place in Baku at the end of the month.

“F1 is so complex. There are so many ways to see and learn about the car,” Schumacher said.

“To speak with [the engineers] and try to take the information for myself really did help.

“I learned so much that I can really use in F2 as well. I’ll for sure use every single bit of it.”


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