Ferrari has confirmed it is investigating the cause of the electrical issue which forced Charles Leclerc to retire from the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix.

Leclerc’s race came to an end on Lap 37 after suffering a loss of power the lap before.

His Ferrari came to a halt in the final sector with a loss of power, causing him to have a spin at the penultimate corner.

Leclerc managed to get going again but had to return to the pits after his seat belts came loose.

Ferrari confirmed on Twitter it is investigating why Leclerc’s car suddenly lost power.

Shortly after the race, Leclerc shed some light on his retirement in Barcelona.

“To be honest there were two issues,” Leclerc said. “The first one was that the engine switched off and then I tried to switch it on again, when I saw it wasn’t starting again I took over the seat belts, then I had to box again for the seat belts. Unfortunately, the race was already over before that when the engine switched off. It’s a shame but we will work to try to understand what went wrong.

Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel opted for the one-stop strategy and finished seventh.

Without his issue, Leclerc believes he could have finished inside the top six - by also running the one-stop strategy like Vettel.

“Well to be completely honest it wasn’t that bad of a race,'' Leclerc added. “I think we had a good chance to finish around P6, P7. We were very quick on the softs towards the end and then on the mediums we couldn’t show [our pace] as we were in traffic. We were planning the one stop on my side and it was working pretty well until the issue.''