Lewis Hamilton maintains his and Mercedes’ exceptional run of form in the 2020 F1 World Championship season thus far has exceeded even their loftiest expectations following another commanding lights-to-flag win in the Belgian Grand Prix.

A resounding fifth win in seven races, not only is Hamilton well on course for a seventh F1 World Championship title - which would bring him level with Michael Schumacher at the summit of the all-time list - he is well on course to surpass his grand prix victories before the year is out too.

In fact, wins next time out at Monza and Mugello would fittingly (or perhaps, ironically) see him draw level with Schumacher at an event that will otherwise mark the Prancing Horse’s 1000th grand prix event.


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While the gravity of Hamilton becoming statistically at least the most greatest F1 driver in the sport’s 70 year history isn’t lost on anyone, it does come in a season where Mercedes have once more blown the field away, while Valtteri Bottas isn’t providing too much inter-team competition for victories either.

To Hamilton’s credit, he is aware of the mitigating factors that come with a prolonged dominant era as races become predictable, but maintains he still finds little challenges in the car to ensure the W11 is always developing and he is always striving for perfection.

“The plan is obviously, for all of us, we prepare ourselves in the best way we can to win. A lot of work has gone into this year. I was talking about qualifying, for example, on my side, really trying to elevate certain areas without letting others drop. 

“So yeah, of course, I can’t tell you that I predict that I was going to come to the weekend and have half a second advantage in qualifying, and have the pace that I’ve had in these races compared to others but obviously I’m grateful that it is going so well. It’s really nice to know that I’m delivering the way I know that I can. 

“No matter what, the work never stops. You just have to keep pushing, keep working, keep trying to evolve because that’s what everyone else is doing. So, after this, for example, we have a debrief. It won’t be all smiles. It will be like: ‘OK guys, this could be better; this is the weakness of the car; this is where we really need to focus on.’ Communication. 

“Whether it’s set-up or the aero level that we had this weekend, whether it’s engine driveability. Got to push on all the areas, guys, back to the drawing board, let’s keep pushing – and that’s how we continue to elevate ourselves.”

With 8 rounds of 17 completed and 10 races remaining, Hamilton currently leads Bottas in the overall standings by 47 points.