The fifth round of the MX World Championship, the Grand Prix of Germany, saw Brian Jorgensen and Stephen Sword take the first GP win of their careers, in the MX1 and MX2 classes respectively, after some exciting racing on the fast Teutschenthal circuit.

The MX2 races were, as usual, frantic affairs and provided two different winners. Alessio Chiodi got the holeshot in the first moto to lead the first lap while Pourcel crashed in the first corner and blocked Tyla Rattray, but Federici would pass him soon after - while McFarlane joined the fallen list.

However, soon up into second was championship leader Ben Townley, the Kiwi then grabbing the lead on lap four and swiftly building an advtantage over the rest of the field. Federici, Sword, Maschio and Chiodi were then left to fight for second, and after a strong race Maschio took the position from Kawasaki team-mate Sword.

The second race saw Chiodi take another holeshot, but once more Federici quickly passed him. After he retired in the first moto (mechanical problems at mid-race while thirteenth) Marc De Reuver's bad luck struck yet again as he fell early on in the second and retired, probably losing all chance of the title.

Also taking a knock was Chiodi, who fell when Maschio hit him after a jump, but the Frenchman was on a charge and took the lead on lap two with Townley now locked to his rear wheel.

The KTM rider's pressure eventually told and after a small mistake in the fourth lap Townley moved through. But this time BT couldn't break away and with Sword joining the fight found himself trying to hold off two Kawasakis.

The pressure eventually told when Townley fell on a fast downhill section, forcing him to retire. Maschio then inherited the lead, but was later relegated by Sword - who won the heat and the grand prix, while Federici pushed hard to finish third.

"This GP win is what I've been working for with the team and it's good to take it today," said Sword. "When Ben crashed in the second race I knew that Mickael was leading, I changed some lines and got some good lap times. I was able to pass him and knew I had the overall, but I didn't know that I would be leading the championship tonight. There's still a long way to go, I must be concentrated on my goal and reach a top three every weekend to keep the championship open."

"I'm happy with my first podium of the season, it has been difficult for me so far," added second overall Maschio. "I had some technical problems earlier this year, it's the first time we are working on a four stroke and it takes time to find the right set-up. I proved today that my motivation is always good and I think that I could have won the GP without a small problem in the second moto."

"I had a great feeling with this track, it looks like Italy here," stated Federici. "It's great to be back on the podium. This winter I had a knee operation and for example I was unable to do the second race last week in Valkenswaard. In the first heat I made a wrong choice of tyre, and in the second one I was afraid not to have enough condition to finish the race. Finally after twenty minutes my shape was good and I was able to push, but I made two mistakes in the last laps and Maschio kept the second place."

In the premier MX1 class, Jorgensen got the holeshot ahead of Strijbos, Pichon and Everts. With an injection in both shoulders, Pichon had decided to race after being knocked out in qualifying, but - understandably - was unable to keep pace with his rivals.

Instead, Tiscali Honda team-mate Jorgensen - himself returning to GP racing after an operation on his wrist - led the entire race, but had to push hard in the last minutes as factory Yamaha rider Melotte put in a string charge.Sixth at the start Melotte passed team-mate Everts early in the race and took second spot when Strijbos crashed on the fourteenth lap.

As with Chiodi in MX2, Jorgensen grabbed another holeshot in the second moto, leading Gundersen, Pichon, Everts and Smets. While Jorgensen once more established a firm pace that left him unchallenged, Gundersen, Everts and Smets had a great battle for second; Everts finally passing Gundersen at the mid-way stage, with Smets following through two laps later.

Further back, Gundersen wouldn't finish the race as he crashed on the seventeenth lap, granting Coppins and Melotte (who had a bad start) fourth and fifth positions respectively. Once more Pichon finished in the top ten, saved precious points and showed considerable courage and determination.

"I prepared really well for the winter practice, and before the first GP my goal was to race for the title," revealed Jorgensen. "Unfortunately I started getting problems with my hand at the first GP and finally after a disappointing GP in Portugal I had an operation.

"I missed Valkenswaard, came here with a top five goal and it's incredible to win my first GP with two heat wins," he beamed. "I made good starts, just put my head down and did the job. I had some pain in my arm at the end of the second race, but I wanted to keep the lead and that gave me some extra motivation. I want to thank my wife, my family and my team who always supported me strongly."

"Everybody here was going really fast, I gave the maximum and I'm very happy with this result," stated championship leader Everts, second today. "In the first race I had some difficulties and in the second one it was really hard to pass Gundersen. Then when I overtook him Brian had made the gap, I pushed really hard but was missing just one lap. Congratulations to Brian for this GP win, he confirmed that the championship is really open and that's good for the sport."

"The track was really fast today and it was a lot of work to come back to the front, including a lot of risks," admitted third overall Melotte. "In the first moto I came close to Brian but he was making a strong race and I was also thinking to the second race. I had a bad start but came back fifth in the second moto and I'm happy with these results as I'm on the podium today. For sure I'd like to be on the highest step for my son Matt?o who born last Sunday, we'll see later this season."

MX1 - Race 1:
1 Brian Jorgensen DEN Honda
2 C?dric Melotte BEL Yamaha
3 Stefan Everts BEL Yamaha
4 Steve Ramon BEL KTM
5 Jo?l Smets BEL Suzuki
6 Joshua Coppins NZL Honda
7 Marnicq Bervoets BEL Yamaha
8 Kenneth Gundersen NOR KTM
9 Ken De Dijcker BEL Honda
10 Mickael Pichon FRA Honda

MX1 - Race 2:
1 Brian Jorgensen DEN Honda
2 Stefan Everts BEL Yamaha
3 Jo?l Smets BEL Suzuki
4 Joshua Coppins NZL Honda
5 C?dric Melotte BEL Yamaha
6 Steve Ramon BEL KTM
7 Marnicq Bervoets BEL Yamaha
8 Kevin Strijbos BEL Suzuki
9 Mickael Pichon FRA Honda
10 Tanel Leok EST Suzuki

MX1 - World Championship Classification:
1 Stefan Everts BEL Yamaha 218
2 C?dric Melotte BEL Yamaha 188
3 Steve Ramon BEL KTM 162
4 Mickael Pichon FRA Honda 150
5 Joshua Coppins NZL Honda 147
6 Jo?l Smets BEL Suzuki 138
7 Kenneth Gundersen NOR KTM 133
8 Kevin Strijbos BEL Suzuki 112
9 Brian Jorgensen DEN Honda 110
10 Tanel Leok EST Suzuki 95

MX2 - Race 1:
1 Ben Townley NZL KTM
2 Michael Maschio FRA Kawasaki
3 Stephen Sword GBR Kawasaki
4 Claudio Federici ITA Yamaha
5 Alessio Chiodi ITA Yamaha
6 Patrick Caps BEL Yamaha
7 James Dobb GBR Honda
8 Antonio Cairoli ITA Yamaha
9 Jonathan Barragan SPA KTM
10 Marvin Van Daele BEL Suzuki

MX2 - Race 2:
1 Stephen Sword GBR Kawasaki
2 Michael Maschio FRA Kawasaki
3 Claudio Federici ITA Yamaha
4 Patrick Caps BEL Yamaha
5 Tyla Rattray RSA KTM
6 Antonio Cairoli ITA Yamaha
7 Andrew McFarlane AUS Yamaha
8 James Dobb GBR Honda
9 Pascal Leuret FRA KTM
10 Anthony Boissiere FRA Yamaha

MX2 - World Championship Classification:
1 Stephen Sword GBR Kawasaki 197
2 Ben Townley NZL KTM 194
3 Tyla Rattray RSA KTM 152
4 Andrew McFarlane AUS Yamaha 150
5 Michael Maschio FRA Kawasaki 124
6 Mark De Reuver NEL KTM 121
7 Antonio Cairoli ITA Yamaha 114
8 James Dobb GBR Honda 105
9 Aigar Leok EST KTM 93
10 Carl Nunn GBR Honda 91