The reigning world champion Quartararo explained that he doesn’t value attendance because he feels that riders are not listened to.

But Espargaro reacted at the Valencia MotoGP: “I don’t like it. I have said this to him.

Can Fabio Quartararo win the Valencia title showdown? | MotoGP 2022

“He is the world champion. You cannot complain later.”

“I half agree with him [that riders are not always listened to].

“It’s true that sometimes we’re asking for many things. For example, we’ve just been talking about Phillip Island - to add some asphalt in some places for three years and nothing has happened yet.

“But in other places, yes, in other things where we talk they’ve listened and tried to learn.

“Sometimes not even all the riders in the safety commission have the same opinion, so how can they follow one opinion? But they do their best.

“I was very disappointed when I saw the safety commission of Malaysia. Everyone is free to go. I think it is a mistake to make it mandatory because everyone should want to go, to feel comfortable to bring their opinion to this situation.

“And if you don’t, it’s better not to come. But you miss something.”

Safety has become a major issue since Jorge Navarro, the Moto2 rider, lay with a broken leg after crashing in Australia and the race was not red flagged.

Quartararo explained his stance: “I’ve been one time [in 2022] and I decided not to go anymore.”

Asked if he felt riders are listened to, he said: “We are not. A few times like the red flag incident in Australia – many times.

“I have nothing against it, I’m just not really going.”

Quartararo must win the Valencia MotoGP and hope Francesco Bagnaia finishes in P15 or lower to retain his championship.