Valentino Rossi’s nastiest feud? “We don’t call, no Christmas greetings"

Max Biaggi is not expecting a Christmas card from Valentino Rossi after revealing that their frosty rivalry has still not fully disappeared.
Valentino Rossi (ITA), Yamaha Factory Racing Team, Yamaha M1, 46, 2007 MotoGP World
Valentino Rossi (ITA), Yamaha Factory Racing Team, Yamaha M1, 46, 2007…

Twenty-six years ago at Suzuka, Biaggi overheard his fellow Italian talking about him in an interview and he shot back: "When you talk about me, first rinse your mouth!”

Rossi’s iconic career includes chapters alongside several nemeses, but perhaps none were fiercer than Biaggi from the late-90s.

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"Let's just say that Vale is not in the top five of those you exchange Christmas greetings with," Biaggi, now 51, said on Italian TV.

"But not in the top 50 either, but I'll put him there if necessary! 

“We don't even greet each other. It was really a rivalry. Sure, it's over, but we were actually two factions. One against the other. It was good!

"As before, we lived in the moment of a great rivalry and it was obviously epic, because it took both him and me. 

“But once finished, each returned to his role. It's not that we have a social life or that we call each other on the phone.”

Biaggi won four 250cc world championships plus two World Superbikes titles.

He twice finished as a runner-up to a young Rossi who was beginning his MotoGP dominance.

Biaggi represented Aprilia, Honda, Suzuki and Ducati during his lengthy career - experiencing both manufacturers from Italy plus those from Japan, and he has watched their evolution since.

Rossi, Biaggi, Valencia MotoGP,
Rossi, Biaggi, Valencia MotoGP,

Ducati, after their 15-year barren spell that even Rossi could not solve, finally won a MotoGP championship last year through Francesco Bagnaia.

Their superior machinery - and vast numbers on the grid - mean a Ducati rider is likely to become champion again this year, unless Fabio Quartararo or Marc Marquez can create some magic.

“Pecco is the reigning world champion with Ducati, he will defend this title and I see him in good shape," Biaggi said. 

"He's still the favourite. I hope Aprilia can fight for the championship with Ducati, until the end. 

“The Japanese, Yamaha and Honda, are fighting a bit more, but it would be nice to have a totally Italian derby.”

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