Jack Miller: ‘I was asked for my opinion and made it known’

Jack Miller’s outburst against riders persistently complaining about their MotoGP machines caused plenty of headlines post-Sachsenring.
Jack Miller, MotoGP, Dutch MotoGP, 24 June
Jack Miller, MotoGP, Dutch MotoGP, 24 June

While the Red Bull KTM star wouldn’t name any names, many deduced that words such as “They kicked out 99% of the engineers, to get his engineers. His guys in there” pointed towards Marc Marquez and Honda.

Miller stood by his comments at the following Assen round but insisted those that reported he was only targeting the #93 were misrepresenting his words.

However, the Australian also warned that struggling manufacturers being publicly criticised by their own riders could be at greater risk of leaving.

Explaining further to Speeweek.com, Miller said: “I was asked after the race in Germany because some riders have ‘bad bikes’. I then replied: ‘Yes, [but why do] they have bad bikes.’

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“You have to decide who I meant... If you say it's about [Marquez], that's your interpretation.

“It's not my place to give anyone advice. I was just giving my opinion on the situation. That's all.

“I have been asked for my opinion and have made it known.

“Not only did I give my thoughts on Honda's situation, I spoke about the situation of the entire MotoGP paddock.

“Because the reason why we are here is the many different manufacturers [present]. If we continue like this and do the [development] work badly, we will not have a championship [like this]. As simple as that.”

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