With over 500 comments left in the Crash.net forum following Wednesday's statement by BBC MotoGP Series Producer Belinda Rogerson - regarding your concerns over the BBC's 2009 MotoGP coverage and commentary - some viewers have had trouble finding all of Belinda's follow-up posts on the subject.

Therefore, here are all of Belinda's forum posts, as left under the 'BBC responds to MotoGP fans' story, listed in chronological order:

1. As I said before we do listen and as a result we are looping all our red button coverage to allow you to catch it again if you missed it live. We have taken on board what people have said about the commentary and presentation but I think we would also be doing our million + viewers a disservice if our entire editorial view was dictated by posters to crash.net.


2. I have worked on MotoGP for the last 8 years and WSBK, World Rally, BTCC before that. I care passionately about the programmes and the sport and put an enormous amount of work into our coverage as do the rest of the team. As I said in my response commentary is subjective and whilst I take on board all the views here on this particular issue we are going to have to agree to disagree.


3. We are listening or I wouldn't be on here talking to you. The audience data is the official figures collated by BARB. Our average audience is about 1.1 million but depending on various factors, timing of transmission etc it has peaked at 1.9 million last year. Eurosport averages about 150,000 viewers and peaked at 300,000 for Donington.

I am not pretending we are Eurosport, they are a dedicated sports channel and we are not. However the 'red button' which, particularly after the digital switch off, is basically just another channel offers us the opportunity to show much more than we could do on network.


4. I don't have a defence for the lack of MotoGP in the sport advert, it was a mistake pure and simple. Unfortunately as it was the off season I took some time off to get married and was on honeymoon so I didn't see it until it was too late.

To Kenneth re the Pedrosa story. Matt broke it first, I know this as Jules came up to me afterwards and told me so. They got it from us and not the other way round. Steve, Charlie, Suzi and Matt have all been around motorsport for years and have great contacts with teams and riders.

As I have said re the commentary we will have to agree to disagree on this issue.


5. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I am currently covering the European Figure Skating Championships, and if you think MotoGP gets a tough deal this whole event is being condensed into 90 minutes on Sunday and we have some real medal hopes out here.

In answer to some of your questions - I have been to every track and most of the races over the last 8 years so to suggest I should attend one is a little patronising to say the least I saw Steve last week when we were filming with Ducati and we had already discussed doing some more detailed technical features this season.

to be continued.....

6. MotoGP and F1 don't clash directly as the races are offset to avoid this. In fact it has worked to our advantage with Donington as this race will now directly follow the F1 coverage and therefore be on BBC1 which I am delighted about.

Finally 2009 is the last year of the present contract and any discussions about Eurosport have to be answered by Dorna as the rights are not ours to sub-licence. The new deal starts in 2010.

I am grateful for constructive feedback and have noted some of the points raised in this debate. BBC Sport does have a loyal audience and given the number of homes now with some form of digital TV this is not just because they don't have Eurosport.

7. Sorry one final point....

We do a 30 minute in vision pre-race build with a variety of features from bike and track pieces to rider interviews, we do post race analysis and an additional 30 minutes after the race in MotoGP Extra getting all the key stories, additional interviews, talking to the 125 and 250 boys etc.

I accept we are not doing Friday but we are doing all Saturday afternoon and all Sunday races. We've taken on board your feedback about the red button so we'll repeat it for you to get a chance to see it.

We are listening but compared to so many other sports this is a fantastic deal and I am a bit bemused when you say we do nothing pre and post race.


8. I'm still reading your comments and listening to what you have to say.

Just to re-iterate some of my earlier points. When MotoGP and F1 are on the same day the race start times are worked out between the 2 sports so that they don't directly clash so the Donington race will follow the Hungarian F1 race and the good news is that means the British GP will be shown on BBC1.

BBC3 and 4 only exist after 7pm, before that the bandwidth is used for CBeebies and CBBC.

I take on board your views about technical information which is something Steve and I were also discussing last week and we are planning some more in-depth features this year.


9. If you have Freeview then we will print the channel number and you can record the red button. You can't record it on the Sky platform. I understand the frustration about this which is why we are doing all we can and looping the coverage after the event to allow you to catch up.

There is a cost to bringing any feed down from a satellite and my current budget doesn't extend to doing Friday practices, but we'll keep looking at this issue. As you can all no doubt imagine the current nightmare exchange rate with the Euro is making life a little tricky financially as so much of what we do is paid for in Euros.


10. The 125 and 250 races usually take place in the morning UK time and that simply isn't our airtime. BBC2 is not a sports channel and have other strands to show at this time - childrens, lifestyle, wildlife etc.

Sport gets airtime roughly from 1230-1730 depending what is on that day and sometimes we get a bit more and sometimes a bit less but that am airtime isn't ours.

11. Oddly enough we are having preliminary conversations about doing just that [showing the 'missing' elements of the MotoGP weekend at off peak times] but I don't want to make promises I can't keep at this stage.

On the issue of a second commentary stream. This isn't going to happen, we are happy with our commentary team (yes I am aware that the posters hear disagree with us on that) and it would also be financially impossible. You need to be aware that programmes have budgets, that taking anyone to a race has a cost implication - wages, flights, hotels, per diems etc and on top of that there are technical costs. I am sure you all have to work to budgets in your job and TV is no different.


12. Finally (I have work to do) you are also missing another point I made a long time ago. Our new contract doesn't begin until 2010, this is the last year of the old contract and therefore the decision re Eurosport has nothing to do with the BBC. It was a Dorna decision based on a desire to sell the rights to individual territories which I understand as a commercial decision. Whether they decide to renegotiate with British Eurosport as a individual territory rather the pan European Eurosport is entirely up to them and not something we have any influence over.