More MotoGP riders have backed Cal Crutchlow's call for increased anti-doping checks.

As reported, the Englishman made his displeasure on the current level of anti-doping checks clear when questioned on the topic following a rider meeting in Qatar.

In Argentina on Thursday, Crutchlow was again asked to explain his views, while the five other leading riders present gave their opinions for the first time.

"As I stated - I don't have to reiterate my comments, I did a 20-minute interview so you can read it [click here to read the interview]," replied Crutchlow.

"Do I believe there is doping in motorcycle racing? I don’t know, but you have to look at the fact that in most of the other sports in the world there is something going on.

"It's not that I'm against all the other riders or anything, I just think we should be tested more. But hopefully this plan will be put in place and we will all have a clearer mind and a clearer situation. But in the end I have already said that.

"I think they are going completely the right way about it. I think they are trying to do something and work harder towards this, because I think it's only fair for all the riders."

The limited number of tests currently conducted was also the main concern of Qatar winner Andrea Dovizioso and reigning MotoGP champion Marc Marquez.

"Yes, I agree with Cal," said Dovizioso. "I think with more tests it's better for our sport, our championship, every sport. I think it will be like this. They say it is not so easy to organise but I think they are improving the situation to try to make more tests for the riders during the season. I think it's positive."

"We are professional athletes and of course we would like more controls because it would be more fair for everybody," added Marquez. "For me it's not normal that in 19 races we have only two controls, in two different races and not all the riders, just a few riders.

"This I think we need to change and for that reason we are asking the FIM, Dorna, ADAMs to change that procedure."

"For sure we have very few controls and this is quite strange," echoed Pramac Ducati's Danilo Petrucci. "I don't know how many positive cases we've found in motorcycle racing during the past, for sure we don't have a lot of data, but I think more controls like in other sports would be the right way."

While adding their vote to the 'more tests is better' box, Valentino Rossi and Johann Zarco cast doubt on how effective doping would actually be (Crutchlow's main concern was about people 'trying to cut corners' in terms of reaching and maintaining their physical condition).

"For me, looking at the history in motorsport there has not been a high risk of doping in the past," said seven-time world champion Rossi. "But I agree if they have to make more controls - they make controls during the season but not a lot. Anyway, if they do more, we are there."

"More-or-less as they said," commented Zarco. "In motorcycle races we have so many elements to manage that it is difficult to know, if we have some doping, if we can win a race - because you have also the tyres, bike, so many things to control even before thinking about doping.

"Having more controls can only be better but normally we have a low case of doping because we don’t know if it can bring us something much better [on the track]."


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