Cal Crutchlow was 'happy enough' to finish day one of the Dutch MotoGP in fifth position (+0.434s), as the top Honda rider.

The Englishman felt he would be in the podium fight if the race took place today, but is now hoping to make his LCR Honda more stable and get a clearer idea of tyre choice on Saturday. 

"The bike is working well, the lap times seem quite consistent. But it doesn't seem easy to do," Crutchlow said. 

"I'm struggling in the first and second sector. Marc maybe not so much. But I feel the bike is a little bit difficult to change direction at the moment.

"As you’ve seen from the TV it's shaky quite a lot and a little bit unstable, but the positive points are that the lap time is consistent. Just not easy to do and tomorrow we hope it will get better.

"I'm pleased enough with fifth. I think if the race was as of now that we can be competitive for the podium. Tomorrow may change, the air temp is going to go up, which causes us a little bit more difficulty normally. But we'll see."

Indeed, an even higher track temperature could make the hard-front tyre a clear preference for the race.

"We tried the hard and the medium front tyre today. The hard was - as you saw from Marc's save in Turn 6," Crutchlow said, referring to another big save from the reigning world champion.

"As I told my guys, I was taking it easy through turn six and turn twelve because if that was me [having the Marquez moment] they'd have a snapped chassis and a bike in 50 pieces. 

"As we know, Marc can save them and no-one else can.

"The problem is if you take it easy, you don't have enough heat or grip as such. So [front tyre choice] is a little bit borderline I think at the moment, but the track temperature is supposed to come up and I think that will work in our favour a little bit to be able to use that tyre. 

"At the moment the medium feels a little bit soft on one side. I think Ducati and Yamaha are in the same situation, but [for them it's] between the soft and medium."

Marquez was only ranked eighth on the Friday timesheets, but did not fit a new soft rear tyre at the end of the session.