As the majority of the MotoGP field was expressing concerns regarding the closing laps of Sunday’s German Grand Prix, Maverick Viñales believes he will come into his own when the grip decreases, a time when he can “play [his] cards.”

In unusually high temperatures for the Sachsenring, several riders had complained of a lack of rear grip after a number of laps, and a decrease in the performance of the Michelin rubber.

Viñales, however, was different. Having narrowly missed out on qualifying on the front row, the 23-year old feels the early laps will be the most critical moment of the race. Should he find himself among the leading group by mid-race distance, he can plot an attack.

“Yes, I feel quite comfortable,” said Viñales, fourth in Saturday's Q2 session. “Even a little bit better when the tyre drops a bit, because it takes out the stress from the front and the bike works a little bit better. So I think our stronger point will be at the middle and the end of the race, so let's see. I hope for a good start, and I hope to follow for some laps at least.

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“Let's see. I think it's very important to be intelligent and patient enough in the beginning to be strong at the end. So let's see. Normally I'm good at saving the tyre until the end. It's going to be about the start, if I start in the front and I'm second, third, I can play my cards. If not, I need to run, and let's see. At the moment, there is no plan for the race.”

“I already know the front [tyre choice], that it's going to be the medium. The rear I don't know. With both tyres I feel really good, both tyres I'm strong at the end. I don't know. Let's see tomorrow, the weather, what our competitors do. But anyway, as I saw, I'm quite fast with both.”

Team-mate Valentino Rossi had used Friday’s media dealings to complain of the lack of recent development regarding Yamaha’s electronics package. This was not entering Viñales’ thoughts however, as he has worked on adapting his riding style to minimise sliding.

“Well, honestly, I'm focusing a lot on the riding style right now, to try to bring the bike to the maximum, or to supply a little bit what we need with the riding style. So I'm really focused on that. I'm not focusing on anything else, I want to improve myself, trying to make the bike arrive where I want.

“I am changing a little bit, trying to be much more smooth on the gas, do what the electronics can't do. I try the best every time, and I think track by track we are improving.”